Below are a few events, projects, and initiatives that Ms. Cooley is currently involved in or has previously been involved in as a facilitator, organizer, coordinator, and educator.

Native Guide in Training program (2021-current)
A program of Canyonlands Field Institute
This immersive week-long camp was developed to invest in Native-Centered Teen programming for rising 8th-12th graders through place-based outdoor education, social-emotional learning curriculum, as well as to provide accessible pathways for Native Teens to learn about guiding and natural resource career opportunities. To learn more or to donate, visit the Native Teen website. I also recently wrote a blog about this program, check it out here!

National Tribal & Indigenous Climate Conference (current)
Hosted by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) & Bureau of Indian Affairs
pleased to announce the 2024 Biennial National Tribal & Indigenous Climate Conference (NTICC) to be held in Anchorage, Alaska.  The NTICC is open to relatives from Tribal nations and Indigenous Peoples to attend, listen, learn and share the important work being done to protect our culture, non-human relatives and environment. Registration is now open! My role/duties for the 2024 NTICC are: to attend bi-monthly planning meetings, review submitted call for proposals, assist with agenda development, assist with promotion & conference updates on social media, and assist with facilitation and coordination during the in-person conference sessions. To register or to learn more, visit the NTICC website.

Unmet Need Report (current)
In collaboration with the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals &  Bureau of Indian Affairs
The Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Branch of Tribal Climate Resilience (TCR) received a Congressional mandate to provide “information on the unmet need of coastal Tribes in the lower 48 states that are facing relocation due to climate impacts.”  TCR is working with the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, based out of Northern Arizona University and others to produce a report with this information. To learn more, visit report website.

Increasing Indigeneity Consciousness Training (May 2024)
Emily Ambrose with Engage Coaching and Consulting and I co-facilitated a training on Increasing Indigeneity Consciouness and Cultural Competency for Holiday River Expeditions. This training focused on increasing awareness and practice of respect for the land and waters that Holiday River Expeditions currently operates on and visits. This training also allowed opportunity for Holiday staff and guides to self-reflect, to learn from and engage with each other, and to begin the process of “Being in right relationship with land and people”.

Confluence 2024 (April 2024)
Hosted by the Western Collaborative Conservation Network (WCCN)
Confluence is the WCCN’s biennial gathering that provides an indispensable space for learning and professional community-building within the collaborative conservation field. For the complex, landscape-scale challenges that we face today, collaboration is essential for successful land stewardship, and the professional network and skills to do that work successfully are fostered over a lifetime. To support those doing collaborative conservation on the ground, and to elevate us towards a thriving future, the WCCN hosted their 3rd Confluence, a three-day gathering in Tucson, Arizona from April 2nd to 4th, 2024. To learn more, visit the Confluence website.

Southwest Adaptation Forum (February 2024)
Facilitated and co-organized by Southwest Decision Resources
The Southwest Adaptation Forum (SWAF) is the biennial gathering of practitioners, professionals, researchers and community members working to accelerate effective climate adaptation and collectively reduce the impacts of climate change in communities and landscapes across the Southwest. SWAF was held in Tucson, AZ on February 27-29, 2024. To learn more, visit the forum website.

U.S. Water Alliance One Water Summit (2023)
Hosted by the US Water Alliance
The US Water Alliance’s One Water Summit gathers the most diverse group of water stakeholders in the country for a completely unique and urgent conversation about the future of water through engaging plenaries and workshops, dynamic institutes and site-visits, and plenty of networking time between individuals, organizations, and delegations. The 2023 One Water Summit was held in Tucson, AZ. To learn more, visit the summit website.

Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance Leadership Gathering (2023)
The Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance (NAFSA) is dedicated to restoring the food systems that support Indigenous self-determination, wellness, cultures, values, communities, economies, languages, and families while rebuilding relationships with the land, water, plants, and animals that sustain us. I was fortunate to co-faciliate NAFSA’s Leadership Council Gathering and gain more knowledge on the important work that NAFSA is doing in the realm of Food Sovereignty, Seed Sovereignty, and more! To learn more about NAFSA, visit their website.

National Tribal & Indigenous Climate Conference (2022)
Hosted by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) & Bureau of Indian Affairs
ITEP hosted the second Biennial National Tribal and Indigenous Climate Conference (NTICC) which was offered as a hybrid event to ensure relatives from across turtle island could join whether in-person or virtually. My role/duties for the 2022 NTICC were: facilitation of weekly planning meetings, review of submitted proposals, assistance with development of the virtual platform, assistance with promotion & conference updates on social media, and assistance with facilitation and coordination during the in-person conference sessions. To learn more about NTICC and to access recordings, visit: nau.edu/NTICC

Native American Land Rights Gathering (2022)
Hosted by the Sierra Club’s Wildlands & Wilderness Team 
The Native American Land Rights Gathering was held on October 1st, with a welcome on September 30th. The Gathering focused on how Sierra Club activists can build and sustain partnerships with Tribes in all contexts of Sierra Club’s work. Participants gained concrete ideas and inspiration for how to work with local Indigenous communities on common projects, as well as build upon their understanding of fundamental concepts around sovereignty, co-management, co-stewardship, and Indigenous conservation and land management.


Poster by Inhabitants

As a Native Impact Producer for a five-part Panel Discussion Series of INHABITANTS, my role was to assist with coordination, facilitation, outreach, and promotion for Impact Screenings and five Webinar events featuring the film subjects. INHABITANTS is a feature documentary that follows five Native American Tribes across deserts, coastlines, forests, and prairies as they restore their traditional land management practices. To learn more about the film, to host a screening, or to access the recordings from Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 Webinar events, visit the INHABITANTS website.

Little Colorado River Initiative (2021)

Credit: Little Colorado Initiative

As an advocate for the protection of the lands & waters we are surrounded by, I was previously involved in the Little Colorado River Initiative and my role was to facilitate virtual & in-person meetings between Project partners, facilitate and/or participate in virtual conversations with community members, review & provide feedback on draft documents, and provide guidance on the project structure to ensure full transparency & cultural sensitivity. Learn more about the initiative here.

Beyond the Pandemic panel series (2020-2022)
An effort that I started in June 2020 in response to the statements and momentum around Black Lives Matter/Indigenous Lives Matter and the injustices against people of color, this panel series features Black, Indigenous, and People of Color as they provide their insights on Indigenous sovereignty and diversity, Equity & inclusion in the outdoors, and Challenges & opportunities of working in the outdoor industry. Access to Part III recording is now available to watch on YouTube. Stay tuned for Part IV.

Intertribal Centennial Conversations Group (2018-2023)

Photo credit: Jake Hoyungowa

The Intertribal Centennial Conversations Group (ICCG) is comprised of Tribal members and community leaders from the 11 associated Tribes of the Grand Canyon. The ICCG convened its first meeting in early 2018 to consider the Grand Canyon National Park’s centennial. Since then, I have assisted with coordination and facilitation between Tribal leaders and community members whose history predates Grand Canyon’s enactment as a national park and to consider new ways for Tribes, agencies, park staff, and others to work together in shaping the future of the entire Grand Canyon region. Below are a few resources and articles about ICCG members and its efforts to continue advancing Indigenous representation, improving relationships with NPS leadership, and proposing new ideas for economic opportunities, education, and stewardship.