About Cooley Consulting


Cooley Consulting, LLC is a Diné woman owned consulting business founded in 2022 by Colleen Cooley. Cooley Consulting provides faciliation and consultation services to non-profit organizations, institutions, and groups committed to protecting land, air, water, and culture, which align with Ms. Cooley’s values.

What started out as an idea in 2018 turned into the launch of a consulting business incorporated in February 2022. Based on Ms. Cooley’s decade of experience with community organizing, facilitation, event planning and coordination, she thought to herself, “Why not start a business?” And this is how her dream became a reality with the support, feedback, and prayers from her family and close friends.

Her message to anyone out there also thinking of starting a business or thinking of turning ideas into reality – “Do not give up on your ideas and dreams; Seek advice and guidance from your family, friends, mentors, and colleagues; Be persistent and patient; and lastly, Stay true to who you are!

Personally and professionally, Ms. Cooley is passionate about the protection & conservation of the diverse landscapes, cultures, and waters that we are all surrounded by because it is part of who she is and where she comes from. It is her goal to continue to partner with organizations and individuals that align with her values of acknowledging, respecting, and protecting the lands and waters we are surrounded by. To accomplish this, it is imperative to engage with and include the diverse voices, perspectives, backgrounds, knowledges, and skills of individuals from underrepresented communities.

Cooley Consulting’s services include, but are not limited to:

    • Project/Event coordination & facilitation
    • Conference/summit support
    • Organization mission/vision development
    • Tribal/Indigenous engagement & partnership
    • Basic graphic design
    • Technical support
    • Research

A complete list of detailed services coming soon!

Depending on organizational/project needs and timeline, Cooley Consulting’s current rate is $75-$125/hour. For extended project rates,  please contact Ms. Cooley here.