About Colleen

Photo credit: Amy S. Martin

Colleen Cooley grew up wandering the washes, mesas, and sandstones in Shą́ą́ʼtóhí, a small community located on the Navajo Nation in northeast Arizona. She is Kinyaa’áanii (Towering House) born for Lók’aa’ Dine’é (Reed People). Her maternal grandfather’s clan is Tó’aheedlíinii (Water Flows Together) and her paternal grandfather’s clan is Tł’izi’łání (Manygoats). She is from the communities of Shonto and Blue Gap, Arizona and this is how she identifies herself as a Diné (Navajo) woman.

Colleen has over 10 years of experience working in the non-profit, academic, and governmental sectors on a range of critical environmental and energy issues and strategies. As a facilitator, community organizer, researcher, advocate, and educator, she has built long-lasting relationships and networks that has given her the confidence and experience to engage with varied audiences.

Colleen has a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and an M.S. in Climate Science & Solutions from Northern Arizona University.